Happy New Year, y'all!

Charleston For the Culture Geechee Updates

Happy New Year everyone!

KJ Kearney shot by Jonathan Boneck

This is KJ Kearney here, founder of Charleston Sticks Together. I just wanted to let you know that we changed a few things around these parts. Most relevant to this post is I've finally figured out a use for our Facebook page!

We'll be using the Charleston Sticks Together Facebook page as an aggregate of Gullah Geechee news and information. While I understand that while, literally, everyone is NOT on Facebook, we do recognize that a lot of people are.  So what better way to share news and information that we aren't primary sources for?

The blog will be used (in conjunction with Facebook and IG) to speak on information that WE produce. So if we drop a new product, interview someone, or want to alert you to an event we are working on, we will do it on the blog first. #SoYouKnowItsReal

Also, and this part is really important, we've shifted our focus from JUST selling tee shirts to becoming a positive platform for Gullah Geechee culture. Tee shirts are cool but it has become increasingly important that we do all we can to keep our culture alive. We will be doing that in a variety of ways, it just won't be limited to merchandise.

I can't wait to alert you to our first BIG announcement once all the ink is dry but, trust me, in addition to wondering why no one else has done what we're going to do, you're also going to fall in love with the concept and share the idea with all of your friends and family! 

Anyway, thanks for the love and support! Talk to you soon.




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